The Dream-Quest of Lost Teitanis
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Commander Ottavio

For centuries, the Ruga homesteaders of Arkelos II provided meat for the Imperial Dominion's grinder in the cluster's wars. Strong, durable, trainable, with a fierce streak of self-reliant stubbornness untainted by any perception of how the Sector Governor was co-opting it for the Emperor's purposes.

Then, the darkness came. The subspace telecommunications links went silent; the Merouz warplines went dark. Arkelos II and its garrison, mechanized elements of the 235th Frontier Infantry Division, were left to their own devices as the years rolled by. The need for military manpower now greatly lessened if not eliminated, the Ruga were free to return to their farms and their tense, frosty way of life.

One young Dominion officer, however, saw the demobilization of the Ruga as a criminal waste of material. One day, Major Ottavio reasoned, the Merouz warp lines might reawaken. And perhaps it would be friendly, helpful Dominion vessels that would come through them. And then again, perhaps it would be something else.

Far from demobilizing the populace, Ottavio favored maintaining strong Imperial Divisions, even authorizing new units on the planetary governor's own authority. He grew quite exercised about it in fact. And ultimately, this led to his being sidelined from the chain of command.

None of which was helped by the rumors that he was on the take.

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