The Dream-Quest of Lost Teitanis
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The Second Dominion

The Ruga of Ottavio's acquaintance, strangely enough, themselves seemed restless at the thought of standing down. Their spiritual leaders whispered in counsel in the old dialects. They reached out to Ottavio - told him, in whispered asides and occasionally, it seemed to him, even in the fever of his ecstatic dreams: Your way is the correct way. The old strength can be reclaimed.

We are with you.

And so it was that Ottavio Pholus, descendent of one of the Dominion's most ancient and conservative houses, arrived at the unlikeliest of callings: He became a rebel leader. A new Dominion would be formed on the inert foundations of the Arkelos II garrison, one rooted in the ancient ideals and drawing from the considerable, exotic strength of the Ruga people. 

This planet would be rebuilt and refortified. And if the day came when the Merouz warplines did reestablish themselves, whatever came through them - even if it was Dominion vessels - would find that there was already a Dominion here. A new Dominion.

The Second Dominion.

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