If I thought summarizing Morgan's Raid within a 90-second script was a tremendous editing and performance challenge, doing the same with Commodore Perry's 1813 victory on Lake Erie was even tougher. But this was on our back doorstep. A trip to Put-In-Bay Island to shoot on-site footage helped put the thing in perspective.


Having grown up in Cincinnati, I had a grade-school familiarity with the story of John Hunt Morgan's 1863 raid across Indiana and Ohio. But when I sat down and tried to boil the raid and its context within the Civil War down to a 90-second script that made any sort of sense, I realized I had a serious writing and editing challenge on my hands. Very fun collaboration with the mighty Chris Morris and Jon Fobes.


For my final Plain Dealer collaboration with our great, longtime science write John Mangels, we grubbed around the interior and exterior of CSM-117, the Skylab 3 command module on display at the Great Lakes Science Center. I've been inside this module several times. It never gets old.

Skylab and Cleveland's Apollo module from William Neff on Vimeo.


Think it's strange seeing a World War 2-vintage Gato-class submarine sitting on Cleveland's Lake Erie waterfront? What if I told you it's the only remaining 100% intact Gato-class submarine? This is the only place where you can see one of these boats without hatches or gangways cut into it or concrete decks installed. And it's an amazing story.

90-Second Know-It-All: The submarine USS Cod from William Neff on Vimeo.


The first 90-Second Know-It-All entry of 2013, part of The Plain Dealer's package coverage of the 75th anniversary of the creation of Superman. Produced in collaboration with the paper's 90-Second Know-It-All desk: Chris Morris (illustration) and Jon Fobes (music and sound design.)

90-Second Know-It-All: Kryptonite 101 from William Neff on Vimeo.



A 30-second TV spot which aired in the Cleveland market in support of The Newspaper Guild's "Save the Plain Dealer" campaign. Photoshop and Final Cut. Writer: John Mangels. Photographer: Tim Harrison. Sound: Jon Fobes.