Produced in collaboration with Chris Morris, illustrator, and Job Fobes, music genius, as the first in our "90-Second Know-It-All" informational series. Animation and all other aspects of production, including narration, by me.


FLASH: Get to know your bison cuts!

A wacky little number I ginned up a few years ago for a story by the Plain Dealer's Chuck Yarborough. Click on a bison chunk to learn about it (it says mouse over, but click it). Bison voice by yours truly. It's loud, so watch your volume.




FLASH: Traumatic brain injury

Found this from a couple of years ago -- another early Flash interactive. A "blast" from the Flash past, as it were.

(You may need to right-click on it and hit 'play' manually)



Johanna Orozsco's injury

Sept. 2007 video (originally a Flash interactive) illustrating Dr. Michael Fritz's description of efforts to reconstruct teenager Johanna Orozsco's face following a gunshot wound. Part of the presentation that won me my first National Headliner Award.


Early take on Plain Dealer Multimedia logo

I just found this in the archives. An early, rejected take. But if it's a shade on the fussy side, I still like it. The metal texture is supposed to emulate the big metal logo letters in front of the Plain Dealer building here in downtown Cleveland.

 (Depending on your browser, you may need to right-click on it and hit 'rewind' and 'play' manually)


My experimental attempt to copy "Battle 365" style of blending documentary photos and animation. Didn't work half bad. I'll be getting back to this.